UV Light Treatment kills millions of bacteria, viruses, and allergens, plus mold in the air and inside your HVAC system.

UV Light unit

All Systems Restored offers unique solutions to help our customers create and maintain healthy home and office environments.

Our UV Light Air Purification system reduces 99% of air pollutants, harmful bacteria, and disease-causing particles from the air circulating in your home. Improving the indoor quality in your home reduces illness, allergies, and harmful airborne particles.

What is UV Light Treatment?

virusUltraviolet (UV) light occurs just below visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum and is a component of sunlight. You may have heard about UV-A and UV-B if you use sunblock or wear sunglasses, UV-C is the natural disinfectant part of sunlight.

Using UV light for sterilization is a proven technology, and has been used to control microorganisms since the 1930’s in medical and pharmaceutical applications, in the food and beverage industries, and in water treatment in homes, businesses and industry. UV-C has the ability to penetrate and break-up up the DNA of microorganisms, which renders them completely harmless. It is the same process that occurs outdoors with sunlight, but our system generates and focuses UV light with much more intensity than occurs outside, and aggressively destroys airborne microorganisms and mold that can grow on the interior surfaces of HVAC equipment.

Same Day Installation Available

All Systems Restored offers same day installation of our UV Germicidal Light Systems starting at $375.00. We offer a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor. If you are interested in learning more, please call us at (336) 441-8550.


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